Leif Andersson, ”Mr.Fabulous”

Leif har sedan början på 90-talet arbetat inom IT och har nu över 25 års erfarenhet från service och ledning inom bl a IT som IT-chef, Service manager och Drift/supportchef. Leif har sedan 2005 arbetat som konsult och coach inom organisationsutveckling, BRM, ledning och strategi i mellanlandet mellan IT och organisationens kärnverksamhet.


”With a long experience from leadership and management of change I have found some of the keys to successful leadership, change and improvement. One of the keys is ”Why”, or purpose if you like. People show great resistance and lack of engagement if you only tell them ”The what” and ”The how”. Let instead everybody know ”why” they are doing things and give them coaching and motivation, and let everybody create as much ”how” as possible them selfes. This creates engaged, motivated and happy employees who perform the best they can and reach their highest level of excellence!

My mission is to help people find ”The Why” in their work and life, and by doing this I believe people are more motivated, happier and perform the very best they can!


(and ITIL Expert, NLP master Practitioner, Lean IT, Kepner Tregoe, Disc facilitator)


Mail: leif@illumineight.se
Tel: +46 761-273545
Twitter: @leffa
Linkedin: https://se.linkedin.com/in/illumineight
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