Management Committment!

Did an extremly short workshop about ”Management committment” on a project startup this week. I normally use the ABC of ICT deck for this but we had very limited time so it was a shortened version! (WS took only 25 mins)
I gave a short background to generic committment issues  and the fact that it ALWAYS comes up during initiatives involving people, processes or products! (as they are connected…)


In this project we are going to work with processes and a change in ways of working. For you to be successful in this project, what do you want to:

  • …see management do? (Or NOT do)
  • …hear management say? (or NOT say)
  • …what feelings do you want them to create? (or not create)

PostIT’s was put up on the wall (53 notes in total), 50 of them points directly to Lean/DevOps leadership or principles!

  • Show interest,
  • be there,
  • ask questions,
  • offer support,
  • be curious,
  • empower,
  • motivate,
  • belive in the project,
  • communicate,
  • assist in priorities

This confirms both research and what we have heard and seen before. People want to be seen and confirmed, people need their mangers to see them and in a genuine way acknowledge them and their contribution/actions.

Walk around, se me, hear me, acknowledge me, empower me!  Doing this is absolutly free…