1. Final day of BRM connect 2017, it’s been three intense, but fantastic days. Again, opening by Stuart Knight and followed by a keynote by Darrel Popopwich. Darrel gave us a great story about his road to finding his purpose through BRM. Darrel shared the story and packed it with great learnings:
  • Don’t treat others like you want to be treated – treat them as THEY want to treated
  • Have patience
  • Listen a lot
  • Servant leadership
  • Meet people where they are, don’t talk “strategic partner” language with an “order taker”
  • Humility

Next up is a breakout session with Stephanie Walsh and Chris Lucas. The importance of Change Management for BRM! They give as a brief intro to ADKAR (prosci) and the importance of managing the Change in structured way.  We get to discuss behaviour a little around a template and the importance of defining desired, new behaviour and “whats in it for me”:


  • Change happens when people change behaviour
  • What’s in it for me is a good way of changing attitude with people
  • Assign a Change manager to your projects (at least larger once)
  • Transparency is important
    • Everybody must know why we change
    • Definition of new behaviour must come from my nearest manager
  • Pain drives change and sense of urgency but we need something to aim for to! (desire)

Before Stuart Knights closing keynote a listen to Aaron Barnes on Branding yourself. Branding is so important on so many levels. Aaron starts by splitting us up in Service Providers and ”the rest”….us and them…

A company needs branding and you, as an employee need to think about your own branding to. For a BRM it is extremely important to consider how we brand us so we don’t get stuck as tactical BRM’s. Aaron points out some key parts we need to rebrand and wash away (the ITSM legacy….)

  • Language – we need to change language. We need to stop using words that limit us and change to words that stimulates the relationship and collaboration
    • Align => Converge
    • Customer => Business
  • How would people at a meeting describe you? How would you describe yourself? Be aware of how you are perceived!
  • There can be two “A” in a RACI matrix.! We broke that… didn’t we – in a relationship there must be a shared ownership , aka it must have accountability at both parties.
  • “IT, get out of the basement and LEAD the company”

There is a lot of new things about this in the Playbook and it has been partly presented on the BRM forums all over the world. Feedback has been great!

“BRM capabilities move ALL of IT to a converged strategic partnerhship – with shared risk and ownership.

Stuart knight does a fascinating closing keynote ad gives the audience his recipe for powerful conversations

  • The onion! Make sure you peel the onion on the depth and not just all around
    • Ask new questions on the answers you get
    • Be curious
    • Get people to tell you stories through the powerful “why” (pace first)
    • You are investing in the conversation and also in your relationship
    • Create rapport

Stuart finishes his keynote in a sort of “Rhythm A Poetry” way. He gives us a poem he wrote for his first speech and it was great! Thanks Stuart for the inspiration! Check him out on Youtube!

Finally my day was finished with Grab@pizza simulation. There will be a separate blog about this by Suresh GP, Paul Wilkinson and Peter Lijnse, with some observations from me also. I was going to support and coach all observers of the simulation but instead  had to step in as “coaching” change manager to Melissa Bondtreger. There was a huge shortfall of people, 80 had signed up and anly 15 showed up!! As I’m a trained game leader for several of these simulations I can’t participate but due to a shortfall of “staff” to this session I stepped in as “coach” to Melissa that acted as grab@pizzas change manager and supported her with the cards. I made my observations from there and they will be added to Suresh blog about the session.  A little disappointing that so many failed to show up but it was a great session with many “aha’s”, there will soon be a blog about it from Suresh on the BRM institute forum.

The once that were still here on the evening met up for a buffet and some drinks at the Public House.

Thanks for a great conference to BRM institute and all great speakers, volunteers, staff and participants. Looking forward to next year in San Diego!

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Leif Andersson

Efter snart 30 års erfarenhet inom ledning, styrning och förbättring inom IT, med delaktighet i både framgångsrika och misslyckade förbättringsinitiativ och projekt, infinner sig både ödmjukhet och självförtroende. Insikter stärker och utvecklar, kunskap skapar ödmjukhet, lärande ger självförtroende och det kontinuerliga lärandet tar åtminstone för mig aldrig slut. Ser mig idag hellre som facilitator av lärande än utbildare, mer som coach än mentor och mer som möjliggörare än värdeskapare. Fokus har under åren skiftat från IT-teknik på tidigt 90-tal, till processer, till människor, till ledarskap/organisation och har idag landat i ett starkt fokus på organisatoriskt beteende (OBM) som knyter ihop det hela till en helhet. (Lite förkortningar som jag kan förknippas med; OBM, USM, ITIL, Lean IT, BRM, NLP) Linkedin profil