Kursen Business Relationship Management Professional i Borås 5-7/12 har startgaranti. För mer information och bokning besök sidan BRM Professional eller kontakta Leif Andersson på 0761-273545, leif@illumineight.se

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Leif Andersson

Leif has worked as a manager and leader in IT organisation for almost 30 years now, and for the last 15 years with management consulting, governance, strategy, support training, business relations and leadership coaching. Leif is owner and consultant at Illumineight AB in Sweden, delivering training and consulting in ITIL, USM, BRM, leadership and organizational change. He is an approved instructor for business simulations from Gamingworks since 2008. (Apollo 13, The Phoenix Project, Marslander (including online version) and Grab@pizza) He was also an early adopter of the Gamingworks concept ‘ABC of ICT’ and have translated the ABC of ICT deck of cards to Swedish and promoted it in Sweden. Leif is also an ambassador for BRM institute and promotes BRM in Sweden and the Nordics. He is a lecturer at University of Borås and participates as an ITSM specialist in several projects at the University of Borås.